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Sros.in is the India’s Growing Local Search Engine. If you are Planning to Buy a Mobile,Laptop, Lcd or something new or old than We will provide you best dealers according to your requirement.If you are Planning to make your holidays memorable inside or outside India than Feel free to write us, we will provide you best service providers who are the best in service and price.

S R Online solutions have business opportunity for Employees, medium & small entrepreneurs, students and house wives & others. S R Online solutions is a market place where anybody may spread their business. S R Online solutions is the best place to promote all kind of business like small, medium and large scale businesses. Here is the business opportunity to all. Become our business listing partner earn handsome money. Business Listing Partner have to provide our services to entrepreneur or individual in their District or state. A team will be work under the business listing partner. Minimum team members would be four. Every entrepreneur or individual may choose the business listing partner pack as per their convenience. Business listing Partner’s packages are starting from 10,000/- + gst. For more information about the business listing partner packs and about the benefits of business listing partner feel free to mail us.

Business Listing Partner’s Packs and Benefits

Sr No   Package Name      Price

(in rupees)

Team  Strength  Self   earning     Commission Team  Earning  Commis sion
1 Basic Pack 10,000 4 10% 5%
2 Silver Pack 15,000 7 10% 5%
3 Gold Pack 20,000 12 10% 5%
4 Platinum Pack 35,000 25 10% 5%
5 Diamond Pack 50,000 35 15% 5%
6 Global Pack 80,000 50 15% 10%
7 Universal Pack 1,40,000 unlimited 20% 10%

Self Earning Commission : Self Earning Commission is the Commission which is earned by Business Listing Partner himself .

Team  Earning Commission : Team  Earning Commission is the Commission which is earned from the business carried out by the team.

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