To become a business listing partner applicant should be agree with our terms and conditions as laid down:

  1. Applicant should not be involved in any kind of falsehood and illegal activity which are beyond the scope of the company’s motto and its website, for which he will be responsible himself and in such cases registration will be terminated by the authority.
  2. Cash Transactions are not allowed as per present practice.
  3. Marketing executive’s dues as if earned will be credited in their accounts on every 10th of the month.
  4. Business Listing Partner is free to work any part of India.
  5. If we found that any Marketing Executive is involved in any unlawful activities which can harm the stats of the company, company can refer the case to local jurisdiction of Delhi, India.
  6. Terms and conditions can be amended by competent authority of company as and when required in the interest of company and customers.
  7. Every Business Listing Partner should have to submit their monthly business report at the end of month to enable the company to release the dues in time.